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Miss Mara
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Hmm, let's say I'm a 27 year old comic book artist who loves
-literature (Rowling, Hugo, Bronte sisters, patrick O'brian... )
-movies (star wars,almost any fantasy movie...)
-drawing (in a animation like style, close to disney's atlantis or Hond, with influences of claire wendling, barbucci, glen keane, don bluth...)
-Music (mostly soundtracks, tori amos, and female voices in metal, like within temptation)
-Tv series: Prison Break, heroes, Ncis, dexter, Lost, desperate housewives, six feet under, carnivale and X files being my favourites
agent mahone, alan rickman, alphonse mucha, animals, animation, art, art books, arthurian mythology, atton rand, aubrey-maturin series, bacon, bird watching, birds, books, britanny, canada, candles, candy, caramel, carnivale, carth, cats, charles dana gibson, charlie kaufman, cheese, claire wendling, claude frollo, comic books, commodore norrington, crispy duck, danny elfman, darth vader, david attenborough, davy jones, day-dreaming, desperate housewives, deviantart, dr.house, drawing, edgar allan poe, edwardian period, ethology, european comic books, fable, fanart, fanfiction, fashion design, fight club, film music, foxes, general grievous, ghosts, glen keane, goth, green tea, guarnido, guy of gisborne, hannibal lecter, hans zimmer, harry gregson williams, harry potter, heathcliff, heroes, history, hobbits, horror movies, hugh laurie, illustration, indiana jones, jane eyre, jeremy brett, john locke, john powell, john silver, john williams, kotor, locke, lost tv show, lotr, lovecraft, lucky charms, macaroni and cheese, magic, magneto, master and commander, metal, milk, miyasaki, monty pythons, nature, new york, nightmare before christmas, nightwish, old books, original characters, patrick o'brian, paul adelstein, paul kellerman, philosophy, photoshop, piano, pippin, pirates, potc, priests, prison break, quills, rainy days, reading, red bull, remus lupin, richard armitage, robin hood bbc, sarcastic humor, sawyer, sea, septimus, severus snape, sherlock holmes, ships, sleeping, snow, soundtracks, st-malo, star wars, stardust, stephen maturin, storms, stupid reality shows, tamara de lempicka, terry gilliam, the bronte sisters, the goonies, the joker, tim burton, tori amos, treasure planet, victor hugo, victorian era, video games, villains, watercolor, william fichtner, within temptation, writing, wuthering heigths, x-files, yann tiersen, zoology